Understanding Edibles and Their Dosage

Edibles are among the most popular cannabis products. But while these infused delights are enjoyed by many people, they also have a learning curve. One of the most difficult parts of using edibles–even for cannabis veterans–is getting the right dosage. It’s often more of a science than an art. That’s why we’ve gone to the experts at a marijuana dispensary in Oklahoma City to find out everything we can about understanding edibles.

Cannabis Edibles

Edibles Dosage: Getting the Right Amount

Below, we’ll outline how to determine what edible dosage is right for you based on your experience and symptoms. Then, we’ll cover some extra factors that may affect how edibles make you feel.

Edible Dosage Recommendations

  • 1 – 15 mg: if you’re a newer cannabis patient, this is the place to start. Users taking these doses of medical marijuana may experience some relief from anxiety, minor pain, and swelling. They may also feel minor boosts in creativity and focus. Extra low doses of edibles, about a gram or less, may be referred to as “microdosing.”
  • 15 – 30 mg: this is where doses begin to get more powerful and users may begin to experience feelings of euphoria. After a medical patient begins to develop their tolerance to cannabis, they’ll likely up their dosage to this level. It’s important to note that at this level some users may experience slight impairment in motor function.
  • 30 – 50 mg: this is a medium-high dosage generally used by more experienced cannabis users. Inexperienced cannabis patients may feel slight anxiety at this level if they’re unfamiliar with medical marijuana. Also, if a patient’s GI tract doesn’t absorb cannabis very well, they may want to try this dosage. Definite impairment in motor function may become noticeable.
  • 50 mg+: this dosage level is reserved for experienced patients and may be an appropriate dosage for those who have extremely high tolerances. It’s also a go-to for many patients suffering from serious conditions like cancer or major inflammatory disorders. Not recommended for newer patients.

What Can Affect Edible Dosage?

The dosages recommended above are just that: recommendations. They’re not absolute. Instead, they’re likely to change depending on a patient’s personal situation and body.

Factors like height, weight, metabolism, and more all have a part to play in determining how medical cannabis can make you feel. As a result, you’ll likely need to do a little bit of experimenting to find the right dosage for your condition. Speak to dispensary experts for more personalized advice and use the recommendations above as your guide.

Edibles Dosage: Duration And Onset

Finally, one more important factor to understand when taking edibles is their method of action. Since it’s significantly different from inhaled cannabis, patients newer to edibles may fall into a trap.

How so? Your body absorbs inhaled THC very quickly. In fact, research shows that THC travels from your lungs to your blood nearly instantaneously, with peak effects setting in after about 20 minutes. Generally, you may barely feel the effects of inhaled cannabis after 2-4 hours.

In contrast, the same research shows that edibles take significantly longer to set in. That’s because edible THC has to pass through your entire digestive tract before hitting the bloodstream. That process can take up to an hour or more. In addition, edible THC is more potent than inhaled THC when compared milligram to milligram. 

As a result, edible newbies often make a big mistake. They’ll take some edibles and wait 30 minutes or so. Why wouldn’t they? They’re expecting the onset to be similar to inhaled cannabis. When they don’t feel their edibles after half an hour or 45 minutes, they start asking questions about effectiveness. They might think they didn’t take a high enough dosage. So in an attempt to remedy the situation, they take more.

Fast forward 90 minutes. The patient has now taken a significantly higher dose of cannabis than they were originally intending. What’s more, it’s all hitting them at once. This can trigger feelings of anxiety or exhaustion.

Want to avoid this scenario? That’s easy. Just wait an hour between edible doses!

Cannabis Edible Dosage

Get Edibles at the Right Dosage for You at This Marijuana Dispensary in Oklahoma City

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