Curious About Cannabis? Learn More About Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions Here

On June 26, 2018, Oklahoma became the 30th state to recognize marijuana’s medical benefits. Oklahoma State Question 288 officially launched the state’s medical marijuana program. Now, any citizen age 18 or older can obtain a cannabis prescription for Oklahoma’s medical marijuana qualifying conditions.

Oklahoma medical marijuana qualifying conditions

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions

Before Sooners can receive a cannabis license, they must meet a few requirements. First, they must live with one or more of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana qualifying conditions. These conditions include:

  • AIDS: Medical marijuana may offer several benefits for AIDS patients. It can both boost their appetites, helping them gain strength, and relieve any pain.
  • Anxiety: Countless Americans self-medicate with marijuana to relieve stress on a daily basis. However, medical cannabis may also be able to alleviate symptoms of anxiety disorders like PTSD.
  • Cachexia: Also known as “chronic wasting,” cachexia is a syndrome that affects patients with many diseases. It’s characterized by rapid muscle loss and low appetite.
  • Cancer: Cannabis may help patients manage their cancer symptoms and the side effects of treatments like chemotherapy.
  • Chronic Pain: One of medical marijuana’s main purported benefits is its analgesic properties.
  • Inflammatory Conditions: If you suffer from a variety of swelling-related conditions like arthritis or Crohn’s Disease, medical marijuana may help. CBD, one of the main ingredients in cannabis and hemp, demonstrates significant anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Palliative Care: Many health systems internationally, including Canada and Israel, have recognized cannabis’s ability to comfort patients with terminal illnesses.
  • Persistent Muscle Spasms: Patients may be able to reduce spastic muscle conditions like multiple sclerosis using medical cannabis.
  • Seizure Disorders: The scientific community has acknowledged CBD’s effectiveness as a treatment for certain seizure disorders. In fact, the US FDA has even approved a pharmaceutical CBD to treat epilepsy.

If You Have a Qualifying Medical Condition

Oklahoma medical marijuana qualifying conditions

If you suffer from one of these conditions, schedule an appointment with a cannabis doctor. These medical professionals must also complete a recommendation form for each patient.

Once you receive a doctor’s recommendation, you’re almost there. Now, you need to complete your patient application form. Once that’s done, you have everything you need to apply for a medical marijuana license in Oklahoma.

Submit your patient application form and doctor’s recommendation to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). After they receive your application packet, they should issue a medical card to you within 14 days.

Unfortunately, most health insurance plans don’t pay for medical marijuana. Since the plant is still a Schedule I drug federally, national insurance companies are wary of paying for marijuana treatments.

Do You Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma?

If a doctor has diagnosed you with one or more of the Oklahoma medical marijuana qualifying conditions, there’s no reason to suffer any longer. Apply for a license from the state today and retake control of your healthcare.

Once you receive your license, you can legally purchase medical cannabis at one of more than 10,000 licensed medical caregivers throughout the state. Not sure where to start? Begin your medical journey at our  Oklahoma City cannabis dispensary.